Finger Prints of His Grace Closing

It is with regret as well as joy to be closing down the
FINGER PRINTS OF HIS GRACE Ministry and web page.
So many lovely chapters after nearly 20 years.
Medical issues were the major factor in this decision as well as the Coronavirus pandemic.


How Did Finger Prints Of His Grace Begin

Finger Prints Of His Grace began ministering in 1998 in Annapolis MD, by John and Darathy Sanders (John has since gone on to be with the Lord). Singing was always enjoyed by each of them beginning in elementary school. As long time married adults they were asked to cover for another group one afternoon, they said of course and the desire began to blossom yet again for this couple. Their focus began by filling a need in various senior communities. It wasn’t long before their outreach grew to 3-4 venues each week. Christian vocals are still brought to churches, retirement communities, and also to various Rehab Faith-Based Centers. The same message expressed during the early years of this ministry continues today. Every venue is personalized to fill the desires of each group. The vocal choices range from Hymns, Christian Contemporary, Patriotic, Christmas and Easter whatever of these choice they prefer. God’s love is presented through word, deed and special readings (some humorous). We always encourage guests to join in the singing so we bring words printed off for them, which encourages group participation even for special solos.

This unique program has been presented in over 35 States often touring a month a year.

The Beauty of Watching Art Come Forth Live

The past nine years our program has been blessed with a new powerful segment. It is a chalk art presentation that is drawn during the music. Our artist is Hal Sells who illustrates Scriptural truths with amazing artistry. The music begins and Hal readies himself at the artist easel where he interprets the songs into a visual presentation of spiritual truths. In this type of setting, his instrument of choice is pastel (chalk). When the art is completed, Hal illuminates the drawing with colored and black lights which illuminates the florescent chalk and immediately you begin to hear the clicking of cell phones as guests take pictures trying to capture the excitement of the art and the program.

What We Bring With Us

This is, perhaps, an unusual form of ministry, however, we have enjoyed sharing God’s love and trust it has brought blessings to others.

We bring our own hymn books or printed words (in large print) to most all of the music so those at the venue can participate. We also bring our own professional sound equipment. The set up time is 1 hour before, 1-hour program, and 1 hour to take down.

How Do We Finance Such A Ministry

We do not require a set fee for this ministry, however a love offering would be appreciated to defray expenses. Often CD’s are available for purchase if requested. Lately we have been a part of the http://smile.amazon.com program for non-profit groups. All that is required is for you to put in the http (listed above) instead of just Amazon. As you type in the http then type Finger Prints of His Grace. After the first time the http usually come up automatically. There is no difference for Amazon Prime customers.